Upon arrival at the Combat Center, all personnel report to the office listed below, depending on the Monitored Command Code (MCC) to which they have been assigned. Personnel reporting after normal working hours may report to the Command Duty Officer (CDO) in Bldg. 1554. The Duty Clerk will stamp the individual’s orders with the time and date, and the CDO will sign them. The Duty Clerk will also act as command locator for authorized requesters. The uniform for reporting in is the Service “A” uniform.


The Commanding General’s Welcome Aboard Presentation answers the questions of new arrivals and highlights the riches of this duty station. Free childcare is provided.

For more information, call (760) 830-6344.

1. Personnel with the following MCC on their orders need to report to the 1st Marine Division Headquarters Det. located topside in Bldg. 1538:

Assign To
HQ Co, 7th Mar, 1st Tanks, 3d LAR, 3/11, D Company 3d AABn
1st Bn, 7th Mar
2nd Bn, 7th Mar
3rd Bn, 7th Mar
3rd Bn, 4th Mar

2. Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School-During working hours, permanent personnel need to report to MCCES Personnel Administration Center in Bldg. 1865 and after hours to MCCES OOD in Bldg. 1865. MCCES students report to the Student Reception
Center in Bldg 1641.

Assign To
Permanent Personnel-MCCES

3. Combat Logistics Battalion 7-During working hours personnel need to report to the S-1 in Bldg.1537 and after hours to the
CLB-7 OOD in Bldg. 1537.

Assign To

4. Marine Wing Support Squadron 374 -During working hours personnel need to report to the S-1 in Bldg. 1640 and after hours to
the MWSS-374 Duty in Bldg. 1640.

Assign To

5. Other MCAGCC units-During working hours personnel need to report to the Manpower Analysis Division in Bldg.1554 and after
hours to the Combat Center CDO in Bldg. 1554.

Assign To

6. Navy Personnel report to the information desk, Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital, Bldg. 1145.


The IPAC is located in Bldgs. 1450 and 1459 on 4th Street. All Marine personnel newly assigned aboard MCAGCC, except MCCES, are required to check-in to the IPAC within 24 hours of receiving their reporting endorsement. The IPAC will ensure the travel claim is completed and the Marine is properly joined to their unit. The IPAC will also audit service records for accuracy and start the new duty station entitlements. The IPAC is the “one stop shop” for all active duty pay, service record, and personnel related issues. The IPAC is open 24/7 and the duty phone numbers are (760) 830-1818.


Personnel permanently assigned to a unit aboard MCAGCC are required to register their vehicle with the Vehicle Registration Office within three working days upon reporting aboard MCAGCC. The Vehicle Registration Office is located at building 901 and the telephone number is (760) 830-6794. To register your vehicle you must present the following: valid identification card, valid driver’s license with proper endorsements, valid state registration, valid vehicle insurance. The minimum requirement for insurance aboard base is the California state minimum requirement. All military members under 26 must present evidence of having satisfactorily completed the Driver’s Improvement Course. All military personnel stationed in California are required to comply with the Federal Clean Air Act. Therefore, all out of state registered vehicles are required to have a smog inspection performed on their vehicle at a certified California inspection site. This service is available at the Marine Corps Community Services Service Station Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. No appointments are necessary. For more information call (760) 830-6693.

Vehicles prior to 1974 or less than four model years old are exempt. Diesel-powered vehicles and motorcycles are also exempt. In order to register a motorcycle, the requirements are the same as that of other motor vehicles but there are a few additional requirements. All personnel regardless of rank or age must present evidence that they have satisfactorily completed the Motorcycle Safety and Skills Course offered by
the Combat Center Safety Office. The personal protective equipment requirements are the following: A helmet that is certified by ANSI, DOT, or Snell. Proper eye protection, above-the-ankle boots or shoes, a high-visibility vest, a long sleeve shirt, full trousers and full-fingered gloves. Visitors must present the following in order to obtain a visitor’s pass: A valid driver’s license, valid vehicle registration, and valid vehicle insurance. For more information concerning vehicle registration refer to Combat Center Order 1630.8. Other items of interest are: All personnel driving or riding in a motor vehicle are required to wear a seatbelt. All children under years of age regardless of weight or under 40 pounds regardless of age are required to be in an approved child safety seat. All children under 11 must be supervised at all times. Bicyclists will wear a certified bicycle helmet.


All personnel residing in Military Family Housing, or BOQs are required to register their weapons with the Vehicle Registration Office. Weapons are any firearms, which includes but is not limited to BB guns, paint ball guns, and cross bows and any knife with a blade length of four inches or greater. To register weapons, personnel must complete the weapons registration form available at the Vehicle Registration Office. Bringing the weapon itself to the Vehicle Registration Office is not necessary. All enlisted personnel (sergeant and below) living in the BEQ must store their weapon in their unit armory.


Personal Property Shipping Office, 830-6546/ 6592/6119: Located in Bldg. 1102, the PPSO arranges shipment or storage of household goods and unaccompanied baggage in conjunction with official orders. Personal property loss and/or damage claims are also handled by the PPSO. Incoming personnel must contact the PPSO upon arrival to check the status of their shipment and provide a method in which they may be contacted to arrange delivery or continued storage.

Passenger Travel Office, 830-6760/6453: Also located in Bldg. 1102, the PTO assists in arranging commercial transportation in conjunction with official orders via the contracted commercial ticketing office, SatoTravel. If required for official travel OCONUS, the PTO can initiate State Department documents required to obtain a No-fee Passport.

SatoTravel, 830-6622: Co-located with the PTO, SatoTravel offers a variety of services to meet your leisure travel needs.


The housing facilities available at Twentynine Palms are located in dispersed sections of the Combat Center as well as off the Combat Center. There are 15 family housing areas on and off of the base, which include 2,167 home and apartment units. The 1,567 units located aboard the
base are managed and maintained by Lincoln Military Housing. The 600 units located 4.5 miles from the base are managed and maintained by
the government.

Married and single parent military personnel reporting to Twentynine Palms for permanent duty are asked to report to the Joint Family Housing Office, located in Bldg. 1003 for verification of orders pertaining to assignment or non-assignment of quarters, and if quarters are not assigned,
for processing through the Housing Referral Service which is required prior to executing any commitment of private or rental purchase of housing. Effective 1 October 2005 all on base housing units were privatized under the Public-Private Venture (PPV). You can read more about PPV at

For more information call (760) 830-6611.


Lincoln Military Housing maintains three pools and clubhouses on base. The Desert View pool is located on Smoketree Street, the Adobe pool is located on Maumee Street and the Ocotillo pool is located on Falcon Street. The hours of operation for all three pools are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Residents are allowed to bring up to two guests. The Ocotillo pool is also home to the Youth Activity Center. The activity center provides crafts, video games and other fun activities for kids of all ages. The YAC hours are Sunday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Fridays and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. All facilities are for residents only. For more information please call (760) 368-4021.


A total of 58 single rooms are available for transient military personnel: 48 two-room suites, five distinguished guest quarters and one distinguished guesthouse. Each two-single room shares a bathroom. Each room is completely furnished to include a refrigerator, microwave oven, cable color television and telephones.

Make reservations by calling (760) 830-6642. Reserve distinguished guest quarters by calling 760-830-7375.


There are currently 10 bachelor officer suites for bona fide bachelors. Each suite is equipped with drapes and/or Venetian blinds, a refrigerator,
and is completely furnished with private bathroom facilities.Bona fide bachelor officers are authorized to receive BAH “own right” to reside off
base if desired.

There are 22 geographic bachelor officer bed spaces. Each room is completely furnished to include a refrigerator and drapes. Occupants share a common bathroom area. Room configuration includes two-man rooms. These quarters are occupied on a space-available volunteer basis. Occupants pay a minimal service share and receive weekly maid service.

There are 24 bona fide staff noncommissioned officer rooms. Each room is completely furnished and has a refrigerator, vertical blinds and
private bath. Staff NCOs who are bona fide bachelors are authorized to receive BAH “own right” to reside off base if desired, or when quarters
are unavailable.

There are 22 geographic E-6/E-9 bed spaces. Additionally, there are 96 geographic E-6/E-9 or officer bed spaces. Each room is furnished to include a refrigerator. There is a lobby for residents’ use that has cable television. Occupants share a common bathroom area. Room configuration includes two-man rooms. These quarters are occupied on a space-available basis.


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